We Ended Up Discovering a Peaceful Beach

  As they say, a little sand between your toes always takes away your woes. On our two days trip in search for a peaceful place to spend the weekend, we accidentally discovered a beach that has a cliff on one side and a river which completes her journey at the ocean on the other … Continue reading We Ended Up Discovering a Peaceful Beach

The Elusive Elephants

It wasn't the first time that I visited Pooyamkutty. When I came here¬†with my friends last summer, we were occupied¬†with trekking and sightseeing and I knew then, I would be visiting this place again. This time I am here in Pooyamkutty with my friend Sreejith for a different reason. This is a story about our … Continue reading The Elusive Elephants

A Weekend Ride to Valparai

Yet another weekend, and that was the perfect time for yet another weekend ride. Going on a long ride every month has now become a routine thing for three of us. We usually prefer second Saturdays for the ride, because that is when we have something left in our bank accounts. Just like any other … Continue reading A Weekend Ride to Valparai

Periyar Riverside in Monsoon

Paniyeli poru, which is about 22kms from perumbavoor in Kerala, India is one of the best unexplored destinations in the western ghats. It takes more than a hundred miles before Periyar river reaches the Arabian sea and you get the best view of periyar in Paniyeli poru. In the middle of her course between the … Continue reading Periyar Riverside in Monsoon

Almost Variyam kuthu

I was just going through the Google image search for some of the best places to go for trekking and I found this image of a waterfall right in the middle of the forest. Interestingly, this place is in ernakulam district and I have never heard of this place before. After having a discussion with … Continue reading Almost Variyam kuthu