We Ended Up Discovering a Peaceful Beach


As they say, a little sand between your toes always takes away your woes.

On our two days trip in search for a peaceful place to spend the weekend, we accidentally discovered a beach that has a cliff on one side and a river which completes her journey at the ocean on the other side. The weather kept changing every five minutes. It was hot when we started walking along the beach and when we stepped into the water the sun went below the clouds and the winds brought rain which barely lasted for five minutes. We spent hours lying down on the sand enjoying the rain and the stunning view from the cliff. Never before have we relaxed so much doing nothing.

Perching on top of the cliff overlooking the sea

So how did we actually found this peaceful beach?

The monsoon came on time this year, with continuous rain, plenty of water and we all were glad that the atmosphere has become cold bringing the city heat down. On a weekend earlier this June when we gathered for a cup of black tea, it was showering and showed no sign of slowing down. We were shortlisting places for our weekend trip which is good to visit during the rain.

From different sources we heard Kodachadri is a perfect destination to visit during the monsoon. Within 80 Kms you can access the world famous Jog Falls too. So, our two days plan included Jog Falls on Day 1 and Kodachadri trekking on Day 2. We chose trains and buses as our prime modes of transport to cover these places in two days. Even though it looked impractical, we booked tickets to Bhatkal which is the nearest railway station to the Kodachadri hills and Jog Falls.

Started off Friday evening, reached Bhatkal the next morning, three hours of bus journey and we reached the Jog Falls. By far it is the longest waterfall I have seen, but somehow Athirapally waterfalls in Kerala manages to beat the Jog Falls by its beauty. Back to Bhatkal, set out to taste the local cuisines, got drunk responsibly and settled there for the night.


Direct buses were not available to Nittur (nearest bus station to Kodachadri) from Bhatkal. After long waiting we got the bus and by the time we reached Nittur, it was 12:00 P.M. 20 Kms is the total distance towards the top of Kodachadri hills. The tiring journey, the rain, leeches and of course the trekking distance to cover within a short time period made us submissive.

We took the trekking plan off of the list and did the best thing we could have done. Turn on the Internet connection on the mobile and search for a destination that is nearby Kodachadri. There were plenty of places near Kodachadri, and Byndoor beach was one of them. But we decided to get back to our hotel and boarded bus to Bhatkal. After two hours journey we reached Byndoor and got down there thinking we’ve reached Bhatkal. It was just 4:00 P.M and Jinsh came up with the idea of watching sunset. The beach is just 3 Kms far from Byndoor town.

Being closer to the cliff, the beach is full of rocks and was slippery. While Pachu and Sreejith were busy taking photographs, Jinsh and I decided to get into the water. Even though the beach is very peaceful, the only disturbing thing was the plastic wastes that we found lying here and there. When we were done with the photography and bathing sessions, all four of us laid down on the beach for quite some time doing nothing. The sand was cold, the wind kept blowing, it rained but we were never bothered. And it felt like I was lying down on my bed.

From Top of the Cliff

Our eyes were set on top of the cliff. It rained while we were walking towards the top of the cliff, but we walked fully drenched and have never enjoyed the rain so much. The view from the top of the cliff toward the sea is simply refreshing. All four of us sat there for another hour talking to each other, enjoying the view. The weather being cloudy we missed the sunset. But, we did not wanted to miss our train, which was at 9:00. Said goodbye to the wonderful experiences we had at Byndoor beach and rushed to the hotel.

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