Periyar Riverside in Monsoon

Paniyeli Poru in Ernakulam
The path of this fast flowing river is full of rocks and the best time to visit here is during summer. This is the view of Paniyeli Poru in Monsoon.

Paniyeli poru, which is about 22kms from perumbavoor in Kerala, India is one of the best unexplored destinations in the western ghats. It takes more than a hundred miles before Periyar river reaches the Arabian sea and you get the best view of periyar in Paniyeli poru. In the middle of her course between the mountains, lies a rough path full of rocks. Here she slows down and carry on gently through the rocks. During summer you can walk on top of the rocks and this is one place where you can feel the beauty of the jungles of Western Ghats. The dense green jungle makes the banks of the river look very rich. It must be benefiting from whatever the perennial river is carrying from the mountains.

It was a monsoon season, when I came here with my friends. We could barely see the rocks, as the place was flooded by the river. She was in a hurry and was busy transporting logs from the forests. Usually during the summer when you come here you could walk till the half the width of the river over the rocks. But this time the currents were looking dangerous. The place is home to a variety of bird species. You could hear the twittering of birds all the time. The water, rocks, jungles and the mountains of Western Ghats makes Paniyeli poru one of my favorite weekend destinations.

Summer is the best time to visit Paniyeli poru and it’s only around some 60kms from Cochin, Kerala. Take kodanad route from Perumbavoor to reach here.

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